Admissions open for 1st ONLINE batch of VisionStartup 2016!

[Hurry up and register - course starts on 15th June 2016!]

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What is “VisionStartup 2016”?

VisionStartup 2016 is an intensive online mentoring program which prepares Engineering freshers for exciting careers with top Information Technology startups in India.

What is new in VisionStartup 2016?

Developers these days are expected to handle the challenges posed by massively concurrent and distributed systems. Participants of VisionStartup 2016 will work on several projects involving the use of the Go Programming Language - exposure to Go is one of the highlights of VisionStartup 2016. Of course, you can now participate in VisionStartup 2016 completely in online format - the only requirement is reasonably good broadband access!

How is the program conducted in an online manner?

Participants need to have reliable broadband access (minimum 2mbps speed) and a laptop/desktop. There will be live classes (taken by Pramode C.E) which the students will attend with the help of browser based online conferencing tools. Students will be required to complete programming assignments/projects on a regular basis. These will be evaluated by the instructor. There will be 5 hours of class per week for a period of 3 months - the exact timing of the classes will be decided in consultation with the course participants.

After 3 months of live, online classes are over, participants will keep on getting online support (through email) from us for a period of 3 more months; participants are expected to work on several projects (which we will assign) during this period.

What is the course fee?

Rs.35,000 (thirty five thousand only) to be paid at the time of joining. An additional amount of Rs.5,000 (five thousand only) has to be paid as placement fee in case the participant accepts a job offer coming through our reference.

What all skills will students acquire by the time they complete “VisionStartup 2016”?

“VisionStartup 2016” is a completely hands-on, project driven mentoring program.

Participants will learn to work effectively on the GNU/Linux Operating System. From day 1 onwards, you will be exposed to the GNU/Linux commandline and start using tools like git.

There is huge demand for people skilled in the Python programming language. Students will work extensively on Python based projects and programming assignments. You will learn to write clean code, read and understand code written by others, do proper unit testing, write documentation etc - skills which are important in the context of real-world programming.

The Go Programming Language is starting to gain traction; the year 2015 saw a small (and growing) set of companies transitioning to Go from dynamic languages like Python/Ruby. We expect the trend to become much stronger this year - we are already getting enquiries from companies for developers trained in Go. It is in this context that we have decided to focus on both Python and Go for VisionStartup 2016.

We give lots of importance to core Computer Science skills. You will strengthen your problem solving skills by working on non-trivial data structure / algorithm related projects (some examples: building balanced tree structures, writing small programming language interpreters).

All students are required to complete one or two high quality MOOCs from Coursera/EdX. Our students have, in the past, completed some challenging courses like Functional Programming Principles in Scala, FP101x.

By the time you complete the mentoring program, you would have built up a technical profile which no startup would be able to reject!

Please do get in touch with us over email ( in case you have some questions which are not answered here.