Pramode C.E

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Pramode has been providing training and consulting on GNU/Linux and FOSS based technologies since 1998. He did one of the first installations of GNU/Linux in an academic institution in Kerala at Model Engineering College (Cochin) in 1993 when he was a 2nd year student of Computer Engineering of that institution:

Pramode is the author of the first Python programming textbook brought out by the University of Calicut:

He has collaborated with the Inter-University Accelerator Center for the development of an innovative device called the “Phoenix ExpEyes”:

He has written extensively on GNU/Linux and Free Software based technologies for magazines like “Linux For You”:

His innovative experiments in teaching Computer Science has been mentioned in a TED talk by Prof.Shimon Schoken:

Pramode regularly conducts workshops on emerging technologies at educational institutions all over India:

He provides technology consulting and placement services to Indian startups. He has trained a large number of students since the past seventeen years, many of whom now occupy leadership positions at top technology companies, Universities and R&D establishments in India and abroad.