Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Recursive Labs office situated?

We are based at Trichur, Kerala.

What is “VisionStartup 2016”?

VisionStartup 2016 is an intensive six month long mentoring program which prepares Engineering freshers for exciting careers with top Information Technology startups in India.

Who can join “VisionStartup 2016”?

Engineering graduates from any stream who completed their course in 2015 (or earlier). Final year students can also appy. The students should have strong problem solving skills, be self motivated and have an interest in computing and technology.

What is the selection process like?

Interested students should register online at this link. We will get in touch with you and fix up a schedule for an interview. Selection will be based on performance in the interview.

When is the program expected to start?

Classes for the 1st batch of VisionStartup 2016 are expected to start by mid December 2015. Exact date will be made known to selected candidates.

What is the course fee?

Please contact for information regarding the course fee.

What all skills will students acquire by the time they complete “VisionStartup 2016”?

“VisionStartup 2016” is a completely hands-on, project driven mentoring program.

Participants will learn to work effectively on the GNU/Linux Operating System. From day 1 onwards, you will be exposed to the GNU/Linux commandline and start using tools like git.

There is huge demand for people skilled in the Python programming language. Students will work extensively in Python and Python based web application frameworks like Flask and Django.

The Go Programming Language is starting to gain traction; this year (2015) saw a small (and growing) set of companies transitioning to Go from dynamic languages like Python/Ruby. We expect the trend to become much stronger in 2016 - we are already getting enquiries from companies for developers trained in Go. It is in this context that we have decided to focus on both Python and Go for VisionStartup 2016.

Javascript programming skills are in exceptional demand these days; course participants will learn core Javascript (and some of the commonly used frameworks/libraries) thoroughly by implementing multiple projects of varying levels of complexity and working out problems from high quality text books (like Eloquent Javascript).

We give lots of importance to core Computer Science skills. You will strengthen your problem solving skills by working on non-trivial data structure / algorithm related projects (some examples: building balanced tree structures, writing small programming language interpreters).

All students are required to complete one or two high quality MOOCs from Coursera/EdX. Our students have, in the past, completed some challenging courses like Functional Programming Principles in Scala, FP101x.

By the time you complete the mentoring program, you would have built up a technical profile which no startup would be able to reject!

Is a Computer Science / Programming background required for “VisionStartup 2016”?

No. But you need to have very good analytical/problem solving skills. Many of our best students have been from non-CS backgrounds (mostly Electronics and Communication Engineering; please check out the profiles on our Home Page).

What about previous exposure to GNU/Linux?

You need not have any previous exposure to GNU/Linux.

Do I have to stay at Trichur and come to the Recursive Labs office regularly for six months?

There are two or three different ways in which you can participate in VisionStartup 2016.

The preferred way is to come to our office regularly (Monday to Friday) during the entire course duration (six months). It is not very difficult to find hostel accommodation for outstation candidates (you will have to spend around Rs.5,000 per month for food and lodging in case you are staying in a hostel).

Another option is to come to the Recursive Labs office once or twice a week and study from home for the rest of the days. You will have to get in touch with us systematically over email/phone if you choose this option.

The third option is to do the course completely online. The logistics of this option will be explained to interested candidates. This is the option most suited for final year students as well as participants from outside Kerala.

I have not cleared all my B.Tech papers - will that be a problem?

It is very well possible to get a good job even if you have not got your B.Tech degree provided you have excellent hands-on programming skills. But we strongly suggest that you write your supplementary exams and try to get that degree certificate.

Is this a classroom training program?

No, it is not. We do not believe in spoon feeding students. Our students learn on their own under our guidance with the help of the resources we provide (online text books, videos etc).

Can you name some companies/institutions where your students have been placed?

Market Simplified, K7 Computing, FOSSEE Project - IIT Bombay, MobMe wireless, WinTLT, Amrita Centre for Cyber Security, Option3Consulting, PrescienceSoft, Bang The Table, RawDataTech …. and many, many more.

Some of these companies (for example: Market Simplified) have been associated with us for a very long time.

How is “VisionStartup 2016” different from dozens of other “placement” courses available in the market?

There are a lot of dead-end jobs in the IT industry.

One example is Software Testing. Another one is building web sites with PHP.

After a few years doing jobs like these at very low salaries, you will realize that your experience is of no particular value - you will find it very tough to move over to a better paying job.

Most of the “placement assured” courses in the market push you into low value, dead-end jobs like these.

We care for the future of our students. We make sure that the jobs they get are on technologies which offer the prospect of career growth. For example: we have students working on core Linux systems programming, virtualization technologies, full-stack development with Python/Django/JS, Big Data technologies, Functional Programming languages like Scala etc.

Please do get in touch with us over email ( in case you have some questions which are not answered here.