Who prepares the course content?

The content for our courses is prepared by Pramode C.E. Pramode has a long track record of providing high quality education in the field of Free Software based technologies. He has authored a textbook on Python programming for the University of Calicut, collaborated with the Inter-University Accelerator Centre for the development of Phoenix ExpEyes, motivated a large number of students to get involved with Free Software through events like the Google Summer of Code, conducted workshops for students as well as teachers all over kerala on Free Software related topics, published technical articles on a wide variety of subjects and mentored students to work with tech startups.

Check out video of an introductory Arduino workshop for artists and interaction designers conducted by Pramode at the Centre for Internet and Society at Bangalore:

How does the course actually work?

When you register for a course, you will get a user account on this web site. You will get a CD and some other material like hardware development boards (the course fee is inclusive of the cost of all these materials). The course content is divided into a number of "lessons". Each "lesson" will consist of a set of PDF documents prepared by us as well as supporting material like screencasts. Exercises accompanying the lessons help to reinforce the concepts learned. A good student will always have a lot of questions to ask - you are encouraged to ask as many questions as you like on our course web forum (which you will be able to access as a registered user) and we will make sure that all of them are cleared satisfactorily! The forum is our primary means of interacting with participants.

You may also check out this link on our wiki.

How do I join?

Send an email to: mail@pramode.net indicating your interest in joining a course (please specify the course you intend to join). Please do not forget to tell us about your technical background (it will help us decide whether the course is suitable for you). You can join by remitting the course fee either through Net Banking or Demand Draft (in case you don't have access to Net Banking) - the account details will be provided to you through email. Once you pay the course fee, we will send you the supporting materials (like development boards, CD) by Speed Post or Courier.

Details regarding course duration, fee etc

Please check the course specific FAQ.