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Phoenix ExpEyes Experiment Design Contest

[Please register for the contest by filling up this form. The last date for registration is October 8, 2012]

[Also, please join the expeyes-contest google group for technical discussions.]

The IEEE students branch of Government Engineering College, Trichur, in association with ICFOSS, IUAC and recursive-labs.com, is pleased to announce an experiment design contest for Science/Engineering students from India. The objective of the contest is to encourage students to participate in the development of an innovative Open Hardware and Free Software based tool called the Phoenix ExpEyes designed by scientists at the Inter University Accelerator Centre, New Delhi

The Phoenix ExpEyes is an inexpensive "electronics lab" which you can carry in your pocket. It can do things like:

  • Function as a very low frequency oscilloscope/spectrum analyzer
  • Generate analog signals / measure analog output from sensors
  • Measure frequency and time delays (with microsecond precision)
  • Amplify signals
  • Act as a constant current source
  • Accept digital input and generate digital output

These features can be used to develop interesting Science/Engineering experiments and demonstrations. The ExpEyes User's Manual lists some of the experiments which have already been developed. Contest participants have to go through the ExpEyes web site, read the user manual, understand the capabilities of the device and develop new experiments.

Each team can have a maximum of 2 participants - the participants need not be from the same college.

You will get 3 weeks time to develop the idea for a new experiment. You should present the idea as a short PDF document (with required diagrams and explanation) - the document should be mailed as attachment to this email id: mail@pramode.net. You should write "ExpEyes Experiment Design Contest Entry" as the subject of the email. (last date for mailing complete proposals is 24th October 2012).

The proposals will be shortlisted based on the educational utility as well as the innovativeness of the idea presented. Shortlisted teams will receive the ExpEyes package free of cost.

You will now get 1 month time to prototype your experiment. The finished, working designs should be presented by the students on 24th November 2012 (if there is any change in the date, you will be informed about it - students from outside Kerala need not come in person for the presentation). The ExpEyes kits will be given away as prizes to teams which are able to successfully implement their design ideas.


All the information regarding Phoenix ExpEyes is given here: http://expeyes.in/new-front-page. You should check out some of the experiments on this page. The "user's manual" as well as "programmers manual" are also useful resources.

For learning Python (all ExpEyes code running on the PC is written in Python), check out this very simple book. You can also refer Byte of Python as well as Google's Python class.

For any clarifications, you can contact Pramode: mail@pramode.net. Please use this email id only if you are unable to resolve your problems by posting to the expeyes-contest google group; please use the expeyes-contest group as the primary communication channel.